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Handcrafted hemp jewelry available with many top-quality embellishments. Whether you choose to add colored beads, semi-precious gems, glass beads, wooden beads, pendants or other natural products to your choice of handcrafted hemp jewelry, you are guaranteed craftsmanship of the finest order.

Now is the time to start thinking “WARM WEATHER”!!
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  • Necklaces!
  • Chokers!
  • Bracelets!
  • Anklets!
  • Lanyards!

Everything is made with L♥VE!

Throat Chakra w/ purple & aqua triangles

Leanne wearing Throat Chakra Pendant w/ purple & aqua

Choose from either what’s in stock *or* custom order your hemp jewelry. 

Molly wearing a Twist Necklace w/ red & amber

Molly wearing a Twist Necklace w/ red & amber


.custom prices will vary.